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Handheld devices

Equipment for processing fruits and vegetables

Advantages: easy handling, spare parts guarantee and robust construction.

Apple peeler

Apple peeler for manual operation:

This well-known device peels apples and pears within a very short time. A device is also available for dividing into spiral disks (4 mm thick).

Plums de-stoner manually

Plum pitter:

The ideal device for processing plums of all commercially available plum types. The device cuts and pits 1 kg of plums in approx. 5 minutes and is therefore also suitable for larger quantities.

Core House Cutter

Core House Cutter:

Bucher AG produces the cutters in your desired sizes from 22 mm to 35 mm in diameter. The core houses are automatically ejected when they are cut out.

Material: CNS


File for sharpening core house cutters:

File / small up to a diameter of 24 mm

Disk divider

Slice divider for pears and apples:

This divider can also be used to process very ripe pears in a piece time of approx. 60-100 kg per hour. The fruits are pressed through the divider by hand.

Material: Completely made of CNS

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