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Oil presses

An oil press for the cold pressing process

If you are looking for an oil press with which you can gently produce high-quality oils, you have come to the right place. In our company, we present you with models such as the Solino 21 and Solino 67 oil presses that guarantee excellent results.

Your oil press for gentle oil production.

If you want to obtain high-quality oil from sunflower seeds, hemp, poppy seeds and other seeds, the Solino 21 is the right choice. This uncomplicated press is extremely powerful and inexpensive to purchase. Of course, no valuable ingredients are lost during the pressing process, so that you can fill vegetable oils of the best quality.

The Solino 67 was specially designed for the production of nut oils, whereby the nuts do not have to be stripped of their shells for processing. This saves you a time-consuming work step when you use this automatic press.

Feel free to contact us, with our specialist knowledge we will advise you in detail on the devices from our portfolio. Here you can buy an oil press that meets your needs in every respect. Decide on a model that is comfortable to work with.

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