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Solino 21

With our "Solino 21" oil press you can obtain the excellent cold-pressed oils from oil seeds such as sunflowers, rape, thistles, hemp, linen, poppy seeds, etc. All vital substances, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes and vitamin E, remain in the cold, gentle way Preserved pressing. If required, our Solino 21 can also be equipped with a frequency converter for operation with 230V ~ and speed regulation. No post-treatment (refining) of the oil is required. After the freshly squeezed oil has been left to rest (4 - 10 days), the first-class, pure oil can be carefully filled into bottles after the floating parts have been skimmed off by the pressing. The sediment remains at the bottom of the container.

The Solino 21 can be purchased complete with frame and storage container, but also only the press with base plate, gear motor and control. This can then also be transported on the plane in 2 suitcases.

Output: 5 - 10 kg seed throughput per hour


- Gentlest way of extracting

high quality cold-pressed oil

- Handling, powerful

- easy to handle

- inexpensive


L 79 x W 84 x H 225 cm


- Silo content: 8 - 120 kg depending on the seed

- Electricity: 1.5 amps

- Power: 550 watts

- Voltage: 400 V ~ / 50Hz

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