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Circulating air dryer

A needs-based drying cabinet without fresh air

If you, as a direct marketer or for your private household, would like to purchase a drying cabinet that meets your requirements in all respects, we have various devices to choose from. Our machines are precisely tailored to the food you want to dry, so you can look forward to excellent results.

Dry quickly and ecologically with a modern drying cabinet.

With us you get drying cabinets that are easy to use and use little energy. This means that you can subject all kinds of fruit and vegetables to a gentle drying process, as well as herbs, flowers and pasta. We are happy to assist you as a competent contact person if you would like professional advice when purchasing a device.

Regardless of which M. Bucher AG drying cabinet you ultimately choose, we will supply you with a drying system that is characterized by many advantages:

• high quality processing of resistant materials

• washable grids

• Dry goods do not have to be turned

• no moisture development in the room

• and others more.

• The right dehydrator for every item to be dried.

If you do not want valuable vitamins and enzymes to be lost during drying and your food to be dried remains attractive, you are well advised to use our professional systems. We present you the optimal solution for your needs. Buy the perfect drying cabinet for private or commercial use here!

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